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Remote Sensing Technologies has developed a process that merges the speed and accuracy of computer technology with the uniqueness of human interfacing. Some of us simply refer to it as intuition and common sense. We have packaged these concepts into a proprietary process called, LandScan.

LandScan reveals the invisible or unobservable things on the ground that are hidden to the earthbound inspector. Whether we fly manned aircraft, fixed wing drones or rotary drones we have a program established to best fit your needs. 

Some of the items your program may include are:

  • Image analysis and classification
  • Spatial modelling and analysis
  • Land cover mapping and terrain categorization
  • Color balancing, mosaicking, and compression
  • LiDAR editing and classification
  • Feature capture and update
  • Terrain classification, editing, and analysis
  • Orthorectification
  • 3D Dimensional Analyses

If you send us an email at or call us toll free at 855-677-7070, we will design a program to show you how you can increase your yields and reduce expenses. Or if land management is your area of expertise, we will develop a process addressing the goals of sustainable land management.

A LandScan© is the aerial imaging process which gathers multiple levels of massive data that can be analyzed in order to produce various insights into your land, farm, or constructs.


Drones in agriculture are a big boon to farmers. They carry the potential of completely transforming and revolutionizing the farming and agriculture industry.

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Land Management

Land management is the process of managing the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources.

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What do we mean by the words we use?

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How do we do the things we do?

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