Invasive Species Detection | Canadian Thistle - Remote Sensing Technologies

An NDVI map helped confirm the presence of a Canada Thistle infestation on this 122 acre corn field. A flat rate herbicide prescription was applied to the entire field. As shown in the aerial imagery, inspections confirmed that only 0.6 acres required treatment. An herbicide reduction of over 99% would have been possible with a variable rate prescription, decreasing the overall environmental impact and herbicide input costs.

Crop: Corn

Location: NE KANSAS

ACREAGE: 121.82


Prescription: 10 gallons/acre (diluted)

6.6 pints/acre (concentration)

Flat rate area: 121.82 acres

Variable rate area: (-) 0.60 acres

Herbicide waste: 121.22 acres

x10 gallons/acre (diluted)

x6.6 pints/acre (concentrate)

Herbicide 12,112.20 gallons (diluted)

Flat rate treatment $3,931.13

Variable rate & services (-) $506.63

Net cost reduction: $3,424.50

Cost reduction/total acreage