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Every field has a story

What is your field trying to tell you?
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My crops have been damaged
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I've got a dry spot right here
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I'm missing coverage
A LandScan will open up the book on what is really going on with your land.

What is a LandScan

Before x-rays, doctors poked around our bodies and hoped to find what ailed us beneath our skin. But, once x-rays, and then CAT Scans became available, the most telling information can be told about what is going on with our bodies. In that same way, whereas farmers and agronomists would read a piece of land by walking it, and poking around, now a LandScan can give details that the bare eye could never reveal.

LandScan is the aerial imaging process which gathers multiple levels of massive data that can be analyzed in order to produce various insights into your land, farm, or constructs.

How do we do it?

Remote Sensing Technologies leverages high speed computers and advanced software to help provide high end imagery. The quality of the aerial imagery product is far above and beyond what others in the industry currently utilize. Not only will we give you higher quality, we also work with PhD experts to develop the analysis.There are various types of imagery, Synthesized Natural Color Orthomosaic, Color-Infra-Red Orthomosaic, Infra-Red, Near Infra-Red, and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Orthomosaic.

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Unmanned Aerial Imaging

Remote Sensing Technologies (RST) is the leader in drone consulting for Agriculture and Land Management. We work with the state of the art ways to collect data, whether it is a drone, manned aircraft or other collection device.  Remote Sensing Technologies has highly trained UAV pilots who are trained to operate the systems safely and to the highest of standards. Our expertise is within the use of drones for Agribusiness and the Land Management realm.  We work with agronomists and farmers who want to find out more about their fields, gain another level of analysis to increase their success with each crop. 

We are experts in:


RST leverages the expertise of AgPixel as our partner in agronomy, the best in the industry, to help farmers and agronomists get a better understanding of crop yields & environmental ecosystems.

Powerline Inspections

With their relatively inexpensive price tag and ease of operation, drones have become an indispensable tool for power line inspection. Drones are cheaper, safer and more reliable than traditional ground crew and helicopter inspections.